SENDI - praxa lecture @ interfictionX/2003 remixed by various euro

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  KRV remixed/ifi Kassel 2003

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  Opening of unexpected SENDI channels -14.12.2003-NoviSad-Berlin- SENDI AGENTS


SENDI - PARIS - VERNISSAGE - SESSION I sendi-paris-1.mp3 - 59,8 MB - 26 minutes 08 seconds

SENDI - PARIS - VERNISSAGE - SESSION II sendi-paris-2.mp3 - 93,6 MB - 40 minutes 53 seconds

SENDI AGENTS various euro SENDI-sendi various euro ...........text in OUT 1 How to create something that is sending and receiving unexpected impulses ? Video How? SENDI.mpg (80 MB) Possible Schemata of Explantation/Beograd 2003 install! sendi_install.html KRV remixed/ifi Kassel 2003 various sendi krv_remixed.mpg (770 K) various euro Fotoalbum/ifi Kassel various euro SENDI - praxa lecture @ interfictionX/2003 remixed by various euro avi - 33, 822 kb mpg - 12, 989 kb mini - mpg - 770kb SENDI CHANNEL OPEN! Opening of unexpected SENDI channels -14.12.2003-NoviSad-Berlin- SENDI AGENTS various euro Displaced Dilemma SENDI Radioriff Displaced Dilemma Opening of unexpected SENDI channels 14. December in 18.00 h This is a open call to establish direct connection with SENDI. Sendi transmission will be established on Sunday 14th December 2003 in 18:00 h. Some Parts for building a personal SENDI are with SENDI-agents in Berlin. You can meet them between 17.00 - 19.00h at b_books, Luebbener Str. 14, Berlin You can use the physical appearance of SENDI elements and take them from the agent, add some new parts and build a channel. Displaced Dilemma SENDI elements are possibility for receiving and sending unexpected impulses between many sources. SENDI elements are now splitted. Some parts from Beograd and Kassel are in Berlin and some elements are in Novi Sad. SENDI was born from dimensia and moment that we dont know. The unexpected parts of SENDI praxa are the fundament for building a SENDI equivalent. Radioriff Displaced Dilemma