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We are all Winners!!!

-1- U dupetu
-2- zakonska direktiva
-3- Vampiri na balkanu
-4- Velika Irwin prevara
-5- Uros i Tomic u eri legije
-6- Bijenale starih 2002
-8- U sledecem broju

-1- In the Arse
-2- Laws and Orders
-3- Vampires on the Balkans
-4- Great Irwin Swindle
-5- Uros and Tomic in the Era of Legija
-6- Biennial of Old Artists 2002
-8- Next Number
Zampa di Leone's perspective is to provide an authentic and honest portrait of the Balkan region and Europe.

The BALKANS ANTHOLOGY 2000-2005 "In the Arse of the Balkan", was conceived to establish a platform for an open dialogue between the Balkans and Western Europe while simultaneously encouraging avenues of communication between Southeast-European countries themselves and especialy West Balkan Region between all regions itself in transition.
"In the Arse of the Balkan" is dealing with the phenomenon of cultural activism and artistic practices in the West Balkan region and Europe in the last half of decade. It is a really complex collaboration, dealing with the global problems with very nice artistic perspectives, both historic and contemporary, all demonstrate the creative energy and the intellectual potential of contemporary life from the Balkans.

Known (IRWIN, Rasa, Milica Tomic, Uros Djuric, Luchezar Bojadjiev, etc...) and unknown (Gera, Mr.Hammer) avant-garde artists and cultural activists ( are here to show us better perspective...